Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

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Annie Armstrong, as a founder of Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU) in 1888, helped to shape and mold missions and missions education concepts and practices which still guide Southern Baptists today. Miss Armstrong, in leading the organization to be a major force for missions in the Southern Baptist Convention, adopted the goals of WMU as her own. They included:
  • Distribute missionary information
  • Stimulate missions efforts
  • Raise prayer support and money for missions
Annie, without question, was loyal to her church, the Southern Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist boards. She was an organizational genius and a self-starter who could do many things well. In addition, she had unlimited energy, was resourceful and preserving, stood up for her convictions, and expressed her opinion openly and strongly. Seen often as a unifier, Armstrong worked tirelessly to pull missions efforts together at a national level for the Southern Baptist Convention.
When Lottie Moon suggested setting the week before Christmas as a time of prayer and offering for missions and requested missionary reinforcements for her work in China, Annie Armstrong led the nation in a missions support campaign. She prepared and distributed materials for women and children in churches to use in promotion of Lottie’s request. Though one cannot measure the success of prayer, the Foreign Mission Board (International Mission Board) was able to appoint three women missionaries instead of the two requested.
Armstrong, as a supporter of home missions, wrote, visited, and encouraged frontier missionaries and she led the women to raise funds for the Home Mission Board (North American Mission Board). When the board requested help to get out of dire straits, she and other WMU leaders led an effort to establish the third week of March as a time of special prayer and financial support. Again, her efforts were successful and in 1934 the annual Week of Prayer for Home Missions was named in her honor.
Annie Armstrong had the ability to put dreams into action. Seeing a need, she could dream how to meet the need, then move ahead in action to carry out the dream. Her rally cry throughout her service was “Go Forward.”
--Adapted from Annie Armstrong: Shaper of Missions by Bobbie Sorrill
To request materials for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, fill out this online request form or contact our Administrative Assistant in the WMU of NC office.

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The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is much more than an offering envelope and an annual missions-giving emphasis. 100 percent of the gifts given will be transformed into missionary salaries and ministry supplies to help others hear the message of Christ and respond in faith to God's offer of salvation. Time and time again our missionaries relate how the offering is the lifeblood. Giving to this offering lets the missionaries know people support them and affirm the need to equip them.

The annual week of Prayer for North American Missions is March 1-8, 2015.

The 2015 mission study will be available on Promotional materials and resources are also available on that website. 

WMU NC furnishes NC Baptist churches with materials to promote the offering. Sample packets including 25 offering envelopes, 25 prayer guides and 1 poster will be mailed to churches and associations. To request additional envelopes, prayer guides and posters, choose one of the following options: 

  • return the order card included in the sample packet 
  • email and include church name, address and quantities of each item needed
  • fill out the online request form
  • call 866.210.8602



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