Especially for Associational WMU Officers

The Associational WMU has four objectives to fulfill:

  • Nurture a missions environment in the churches and the association.
  • Provide and participate in associational missions activities and projects.
  • Equip churches to provide missions awareness and involvement.
  • Develop and strengthen WMU in all congregations.

2012 Associational Training Information: "Exemplifying Excellence" - Training experience for WMU Associational Leadership

Needed resources

  • How to Involve Churches in Associational Missions
  • Missions Leader - associational edition
  • WMU Leadership Team Resource Kit - associational edition
  • Materials related to your particular office or age-level on the church level

What's New for Associational WMU?

New Guide

The new guide How to Involve Churches in Associational Missions is now available from national WMU for $4.99. It may be ordered online at or by calling customer service at 800.968.7301.

Emphasis on Families on Mission

  • Resources: We Can Do That! 100+ Ways Families Can Be on Mission and Families on Mission: Ideas for Teaching Your Preschooler to Love, Share, and Care (both available from

New Associational WMU Officers

  • Communication Specialist
  • Missions Interchange Consultant
  • My Mission Consultant
  • Families on Mission Consultant
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