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Compiled by Margaret T. Harding
When referring to this document please know that it is material compiled from conferences I’ve attended at LifeWay, SBC, WMU, NAMB HeartCall Training, and IMB resources. Please give credit to them when using this.

One of the best ways to evaluate any program is to evaluate the purpose statement.

Ask yourself and your leadership team: does it only address the needs of the women in my church or does it include the needs of women in my community?

How does your purpose statement challenge women to look beyond their corner or the world to develop a global vision?

What I hope we can do by discussing the blending of Women On Mission and Women’s Ministries is to provide some practical ideas regarding the importance of helping women develop the global vision - to help women discover that the whole world can fit into their hearts. How? Through missions involvement.

This is the key. To try not to be jealous or competitive but simply help them as they define their purpose statement to be sure that women are looking beyond themselves to a larger world and that will naturally result in missions involvement. Women’s Ministry may not do their meeting like Women On Mission does theirs, but if we are praying for missionaries, giving to missions, learning about missions and doing missions, isn’t that the purpose?


“Women on Mission is an organization through which women of any age can grow in their relationship with Christ and in missions involvement.” (pg. 1 – Women on Mission Guide)


Women on Mission enables women to create their own missions vision as they:


  • Recognize their status in Christ
  • Find an entry point to fulfill Christ’s purpose in their lives, regardless of their levels of spiritual maturity
  • Reflect the highest ideals of Christian living
  • See their lives as set apart for the gospel
  • Affirm God’s call both individually and corporately
  • Reach beyond themselves to a global vision
  • Commit to a missions lifestyle which engenders enthusiasm and joy because it is rewarding

The OBJECTIVE is commitment to God’s plan to reach our world with the offer of redemption.

This is missions.

A formal definition of MISSIONS is ---

”What churches do in keeping with the commission of their sovereign Lord to extend their witness and ministry beyond themselves to bring all persons to Christ and to glorify God.” (pg. 1 – Women on Mission Guide)



  • Pray for and give to Missions
  • Do Missions
  • Learn about Mission
  • Develop spiritually toward a Missions Lifestyle
  • Participate in the work of the church and the denomination
  • Equip local church women to enrich the lives of other women through Christ
  • Help women discover their God-given gifts for ministry, determine needs in their communities, and match those needs with their gifts of service
  • Lead women to accept Christ as Lord, become women of deep prayer, and become women who study the Bible, and base their lives on the Word of God

    When Jesus was asked which of the
    Commandments was most important, His
    response included loving God and loving
    people. I believe missions involvement is the
    fulfillment of the second Commandment:
    love your neighbor as yourself.

MISSIONS is a vital part of any women’s ministry that is seeking to provide a holistic approach to helping women become more Christ-like. Missions involvement completes the picture of the maturing Christian woman. Missions involvement begins when a woman chooses to make God’s commandment her personal commission to take the gospel around the corner and around the world.

When a woman discovers her purpose as a Christian and is equipped to fulfill that purpose, she will have a reason to be personally involved in God’s plan for the whole world.

Women are coming into our churches that do not have the strong spiritual or Christian upbringing that many of us had. They need spiritual development. That’s why many of our churches are doing the Beth Moore or Anne Graham Lotz Bible Studies.

But if that’s where it stops then Women’s Ministry is not doing what it was designed to do. But neither are those Women on Mission Groups that only meet once a month - sit in a circle, read a program together and leave without it making a difference in their lives.

Missions lifestyle must be the outgrowth of both organizations.
We have failed in both if this does not happen.

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