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Is Bible journaling for me?

What is it?

  • A way to worship, to creatively interact with and respond to scripture through words and art.


Who is it for? Who can do it?

  • Anyone with the desire: men, women, & children; artists & non-artists



  • Bible Journaling is a way to help you spend time in God’s Word, and to really stop and think about a passage

  • It is a way to document something that the Lord has taught you through your reading or through a sermon

  • It is also a way of creating an heirloom for children or grandchildren that will contain your handwriting, your lettering, your artwork, your responses and notes, and a bit of your faith journey.


Where can I journal?

  • A journaling Bible or notetaking Bible has extra wide margins for you to write, draw, scrapbook, and customize in any way that appeals to you!

  • A separate sketchbook, notebook, or blank journal

  • To cover the text or not cover the text- PERSONAL CHOICE; most people have more than one Bible, and so they don’t worry about being able to read all the text because they have another for that purpose; some people only journal in the margins, others use the whole page, some prefer to use a separate notebook

Learn How to Bible Journal

How to Start Bible Journaling, 6 Easy Steps from Lifeway

Other Great  Resources

Scribbling Grace - Bible journaling when you are not artistic

Pinterest - find great free Bible art journaling printables and tutorials

Garments of Splendor - free Bible journaling printables

Grace in Color - free fruit of the Spirit Bible journal template