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March Resources


  • Lenten grapevine.  Make a bare grapevine from brown paper.  Add leaves and grapes of colorful paper for each good deed done during the Lent season.  Did you return someone else’s cart at the grocery store?  Did you send a note to someone?  Did you take the time to pray for someone?


  • Make a resurrection garden. This is an easy craft for kids to do and to talk about the true meaning of Easter. Make it missional by making a second garden to give away. Give a note explaining                       what the garden is about and gift it to a senior adult in the church or a friend.


  • Pancakes are a great way to celebrate Shrove Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday)!  Give pancake mix and syrup to the children at church to make at home and have a Zoom dinner together on February 16. *Make it missional by inviting a friend to the dinner and giving them their own mix.


  • Have an outside Ash Wednesday service.  You may give the kids Ash stickers and have burn “barrels.” Have the kids write down confessions/sorrows/fears and then burn them.  Send the kids home with seed packets as a reminder of the renewal that is coming.

  • 40 days of prayer/Lenten Love Chain.  You may put 40 slips of paper in a jar and each day pull out one to pray for.  Or instead of prayer requests, 40 acts of service.  Add the papers to a cross or gradually make the shape of the cross with the papers throughout the Lenten season. *Make it missional by praying for missionaries, the unsaved, etc.  Or make sure to include acts of service for someone who does not know Christ.


  • Pack an Easter basket.  You may fill the basket with whatever you like but some suggestions are a devotional, Lenten calendar, eggs, stickers, paper slips for chains, palm craft, and a letter from you! *Make it missional by making a basket for someone outside of your church. Invite them to watch church online or attend with you in-person.


  • Rock hunt.  Decorate rocks with Scripture or Easter symbols and leave them around the neighborhood for others to find and enjoy. *Make it missional by putting an invitation to your church on the back!


  • Bury and raise Alleluias.  Many churches do not use the word Alleluia during Lent.  Make a beautiful paper with Alleluia written all over it and bury it in the yard or hide it away on Ash Wednesday. On Easter morning, dig it up and sing Alleluia once more!  Christ is Risen!


  • Make a palm.  Stencil your handprint on a green piece of paper (or color it green from a white paper).  Glue 4 popsicle sticks to make a branch!  Wave your palm! (If you are still meeting virtually and your church is capable, make a video of you waving the palm to be shown during the Palm Sunday service.)


  • Decorate Easter eggs.  Eggs and even the “grass” in the basket represent new life.  This Easter, decorate your eggs with symbols of Christ and talk about what Jesus did for us.

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