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Missional Hands Light

Step 1: Fold two different colors of tissue paper together by laying them on top of one another and then folding them four times.


Step 2: Trace your hands on the paper once, then holding the side of your tissue paper with the fold on it, cut the hands out. 


Step 3: Glue the hands onto an empty jar of salsa or spaghetti with mod podge or a mixture of 1/3 cup water and 1 cup glue or for a smaller amount mix ½ cup glue to 42ml water.


Step 4: Spread the glue all over the jar and then lay the hand prints all around the jar. They can be in any direction or color you want. Cover your whole jar with hands and then brush glue over the top to seal the project. You can even put glitter in the areas between the hands and fingers.


Step 5: Put a tea light inside when it dries. 


May this be a reminder that your hands bring the light of Jesus wherever you go.

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