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Explore the free downloadable materials, great missions project ideas and inspirational websites we've discovered.

How do you, your small group and/or your church, minister to others for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine's Day? We want to know!

Email with your ministry idea. Your idea(s) will be included in our Featured Monthly Resources for the respective holiday month!


Free downloadable Thanksgiving

color page. Find it HERE.

OCT 2019

counting the days to thanksgiving

NOV 2019

gratitude devotional

OCT 2019

ministry ideas

SEPT 2019

Get people involved in missions!

SEPT 2019

ideas to bless others

SEPT 2019

Reach, unreached people groups.


Prayers for children and teachers.


Bless a home missionary!


Quotes from Sandy Wisdom-Martin

JULY 2019

40 days of prayer for refugees

JULY 2019

encouraging postcard note

JUNE 2019

random acts of kindness

JUNE 2019

NEW Youth/Teen Curriculum

JUNE 2019

summer reads

JUNE 2019

community heroes survival kit

MAY 2019

prayer stations

APRIL 2019

strengthen your church

APRIL 2019

a walk through holy week

MARCH 2019

Wycliffe prayer guide

MARCH 2019

true story of St. Patrick

MARCH 2019

2019-2020 watch word &



FEB 2019

year round ministry projects

DEC 2018

how to pray for missionaries

DEC 2018

4 websites with tips on grief

NOV 2018

table talk cards

OCT 2018

FREE scripture printables

SEPT 2018

back to school

AUG 2018

21 days of prayer guide

AUG 2018

coloring page

AUG 2018

family friendly missions movies