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Jesus Wept Too

Written By: Meredith Wilson

My heart has been extremely heavy these past few weeks due to the devastation happening around us. It is extremely easy to become burdened by the world and the hurt it faces. It is especially difficult to process any burden when we live in a society that is conditioned to fear authenticity, especially in the Christian community.

Many of us were taught that authenticity and vulnerability were not the way to witness to others. However, we are proven wrong by scripture itself where emotion is shown by someone we would not expect.

One of the simplest, yet most powerful verses in the Bible is John 11:35, which states:

“Jesus Wept.”

Did you know that Jesus wept too? Sometimes, I still find that surprising.

As the Son of God, shouldn’t He be obligated to hide that emotion, empathy and leave this impression He is content with the reality of sinners? Absolutely not. Jesus knew what would happen. He knew He would be the sacrifice to save us from our sins. He knew other people would die and not be saved. This caused tears to pour down His face. People turned (and still turn) away from our Savior and He knew that they would.

Jesus still remained faithful. Just because He hurt in different circumstances that were out of His bodily control, does not mean that He stopped trusting God’s will.

When I think of the statement, “Be a Light of Jesus,” I imagine His time of prayer in the garden. This was right before He was arrested to be crucified and had been overcome with an unbelievable sadness for the pain He was about to experience. However, these emotions did not stop Jesus from trusting in the good works of the Lord. He recognized the sovereignty of God and still hoped in the love of the Father. He still loved His enemies.

Even when we are overcome by grief, our circumstances, and pain from this broken world, we should not let it make you question the goodness of our God. Our trials will not last forever for Jesus already claimed victory over them when He conquered the grave. We can still be a light in this darkened world too.

Go before God with your feelings because hiding them will do no good. God already knows. He wants you to come to Him in prayer and strength to give Him your burdens.

Just like Jesus did because He wept, too.

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