Sharing The Greatest Love Story Ever Told by Jenn B

Sharing God's Love All Year Long!

For most, when we think of February our mind’s evoke images of hearts, chocolate, cards, overpriced stuffed animals and possibly a bouquet of a dozen red roses. It is easy for us to fall prey to the trap of consumerism and buy it all up, but what if we retrain our thoughts and the thoughts of the little ones in our lives and sphere of influence?

What if we see this month as an opportunity to share the greatest love story of them all? The love of a Holy God who sent His one and only Son, Jesus, as the once and for all atonement for our sins. Through this love story we again have hope of an eternity with God, not separated from Him. Now that’s a story of ultimate love! One way to share this message is through making and sharing a Blessing Bag. I wanted to share our family’s Blessing Bag experience.

My children and I wanted to make 3 Blessing Bags to share around Valentine’s Day…or so we thought. We visited our local Dollar Tree, bought our items and excitedly returned home to pack our bags. We meticulously stuffed our quart size Ziploc bags, wanting to hide a $5 bill in each along with a “Valentine”. Our Valentine cards had John 3:16 written on them, "for God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." The kids and I each prayed over the bags and asked God to give us discernment to know who needed a bag.

The next day we set off on our errands in town and were prepared to give out a bag. It was amazing. Of all the times we see people at intersections or on the corner of streets, we did not see anyone. We returned home discouraged, because we were ready to give out a bag, but God gave peace to our hearts and reminded us that we had asked Him to give discernment to whom should receive one, and it wasn’t time.

We kept the bags in our car and the first bag was given out 5 days later. The other 2 bags were given out a couple weeks later. One of the gentleman who received a bag was holding a “STOP” sign for an area of road construction. The kids and I felt led to share a bag with a bottle of water. I rolled my car window down and motioned him over. We shared that we wanted to give him something and wanted to say, “Thank you” for the job he was doing. He was keeping our family and other drivers safe from what lay ahead. He was so overwhelmed by emotion he tearfully said, “You just don’t know how much this means. People don’t understand my job and most people are in a big hurry they could care less that I am here”.

Don’t underestimate the power of our words and deeds, no matter how small they may seem. I believe when we open our eyes to the needs around us and are willing to be used, God reveals the details: “who”, “what” and “how”. May we not get caught up in the details that we miss being used to meet the need.

Making Blessing Bags is something you can do all year round. Want to know how to get started? Check out these helpful links, Checklist for Blessing Bags, John 3:16 Valentine.


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