Rainbow Side of Life by Michelle J

I recently had an opportunity to learn a little more about Fannie Heck's life. I believe I would have liked her very much. After doing a bit of reading about her I am convinced that she would have been a kindred spirit! She loved children dearly but never had any of her own. Her very first ministry was to children in a overlooked area of Raleigh. She would go searching for children and bring them to Sunday school at John Pullen's Church. Fannie was recognized for her work and ministry there. She was asked to be the chairwoman for a new organization in 1886 called the Women's Central Committee which became the forerunner of Woman's Missionary Union.

One of Fannie's journal entries is below. This except is from A Study of The Hidden Springs In A Rarely Useful and Victorious Life by Mrs. W.C. James, copyright 1939. After I read it I thought, this is what she purposed to do with those she ministered to through missions, show them the "rainbow side of life" that is only found when we know Jesus as our Lord and Savior. "He who believes in me, as Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water." John 7:38

The Rainbow Side

I would be ashamed to confess how often I had walked through the beautiful little park which shaped like a cross, lay in the heart of the city, before I found the rainbows. My body and brain were weary the morning of my discovery. To rest them I put on my hat and cloak and went into the park. I had never been there before that hour and for variety I walked on the side opposite to the one I generally took. So I saw the rainbows. They sparkled and rose, they fell, they crossed and recrossed as the spray of the fountain sprang upward, curved and descended with a sound like music. I stood and gazed and gazed as though I'd never be satisfied. I drank in the beauty in long delightful droughts. A woman stopped a little distance to see what absorbed me.

"Do you see the rainbows?" I said.

She looked at me in cold surprise and walked on. She could see nothing. She was not on the rainbow side.

A group of children were playing near, their nurses busily gossiping together.

"Surely they will see," I said to myself; "the children, will delight in rainbows."

But they were not playing on the rainbow side. Their nurses had never discovered or pointed them out.

Alone I reveled in this newly discovered beauty but ached to have someone share it with me, enhancing my joy by their own; to have someone come to the rainbow side. Many times since then when I have found new beauties, seen new rainbow promises flash from the Word of God, I have longed to have others see them, to come to the rainbow side of life.

Many have not seen the rainbows - some say they are not there. But the rainbows were in the fountain long before I saw them. There is a rainbow side where the fountain of life throws up its spray against the sunlight of God's love. Twice happy those who not only know it, but share its beauty and its joy with others.

August 25th was Fannie Heck Day. In 2015 this day was set aside to commemorate her life and legacy. A wreath was laid on the monument that mark's Fannie's grave in Oakwood Cemetary in Raleigh. Thank you Father God for this woman's servant heart and the legacy she left, inspiring men and women for generations, to show others Jesus' love and the rainbow side of life.


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