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Mom Camp


Our goal for Mom Camp is to provide a retreat just for moms that helps to answer questions like: How do we raise children who love the Lord and missions?  How do we prioritize the “least of these” when finding strawberry Uncrustables and a matching pair of socks can seem like impossible tasks? And the most asked “Am I doing this mom thing right?”


Together through worship, workshops and spending time with like-minded Christian moms, we will explore what it means to be like Deborah in Judges 4&5 and “lead like a mother” in our homes. Let's unpack how to teach our kids how to prioritize the things of God like missions and discipleship, while also recognizing that we can’t do everything alone and that motherhood is meant to be done in community.


We will address self-care, parenting, Christian growth, and scripture in our workshops as well as encourage moms to practice rest so that they can return home refreshed and renewed.  We'll also have lots of fun along the way with traditional camp activities like ziplines, archery, campfires and lots more!


Above, in the green bar, is a schedule and tenative list of workshops to give moms a better idea of what to expect. We have also added an additional workshop for moms of special needs children. 

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