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Military Wives need support, encouragement, and time to unwind from their many responsibilities at home.  They need time to “hear from God” and fellowship with other military wives.  


WMU NC is here to support, encourage and provide. 

During the summer WMU NC sponsors a retreat for military wives. This retreat is an opportunity for them to be encouraged, refreshed and renewed.


testimonials 2019 retreat

..."This weekend I decided to step out of my comfort zone and attended a military wives retreat held by the Woman’s Missionary Union of North Carolina. I came in hopes of connecting with people in like-minded situations and to learn things to further my security in this life and ways I can not only help myself but my marriage and ways to overcome things we may encounter on our journey. This has been such an eye opener. I got to hear from women whose husbands suffer PTSD and TBI’s, and how they have managed it. How this life has impacted themselves and their marriages. How to care for myself while caring for the home and my husband. And most importantly, ways to connect with Christ in the process. I’ve cried.  And laughed. Prayed.  And made so many great friends. It’s so true that your military friends become so close in such a short time. I’m hoping to attend this retreat again next year as long as we’re still here in NC.".

..."This past weekend I went to Christian military wives retreat. I have been struggling everyday with a situation in my life that I was losing my faith --  I began to think God wasn't hearing me and I begin to fall into a dark place. Meeting these women and fellowshipping with them helped me to reestablish my relationship with Jesus Christ and it’s not Him that I need to blame but the devil.  By prayer and reading my Bible I can get through this!  I could feel His love pouring into me that I haven't felt for a while I have learned to Be still and wait patiently, it will be done in his time and stop blaming myself. That God will give me the strength to keep moving forward and not to give up on him and surround myself with my family and Christian friends. I will never forget the love from these women and their love for God !!!"

Military Wives Retreat

August 14 -16, 2020

Save The Date!

Registration is now Open!

Find 31 Ways to Pray For Our Military HERE.


A Military Missions Resource Booklet has also been created for churches. It contains ideas and resources on how to minister to the military and their families. Download this resource HERE.


A copy of this booklet can be sent to your church upon request. 

Contact the WMU office at

For several years WMU NC has had a task force actively working with our Adult Consultant, in creating awareness and opportunities for engaging in military missions. For more information please download the Military Missions Brochure here or contact the WMU NC office at