Starting a New Age-Level Org


Ask questions. 

  1. What are the missions education needs of our children, youth or adults?

  2. What do our children, youth or adults know about the Bible's missions message?

  3. What way(s) do our children, youth or adults need to learn how to pray for missions needs?

  4. What do our children, youth or adults know about giving financially to missions?

  5. What do our children, youth or adults know about missions offerings?

  6. What are our children, youth or adults currently learning about missions? How and where do they get that information?

  7. What types of hands-on missions involvement would challenge our children, youth or adults?

  8. What steps do we need to take to start missions education/missions discipleship in our church?

Meet with your leadership.

Share your heart for missions education with your pastor or existing WMU leadership in your church.

Determine how many groups and leaders you will need.

For children and youth organizations, make sure two adults are present in each class at all times for safety reasons.

Begin promoting.

Use your church bulletin, church newsletter, email blasts, church website and bulletin boards to promote your first meeting six to eight weeks in advance. 


Have a kick-off meeting.

Invite parents to a children’s age level meeting to find out what they already know about missions!

Then, introduce them to the vision of this education ministry and tell what their family can expect from this experience! 



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