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Prison Ministry

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Red Box 2023 - Gifts for Inmates

For many incarcerated women, a shoe box full of toiletries may be the only Christmas gift they receive. If your church or group is interested in participating in this ministry, please contact your association office. They will give your church information on different types of items to collect, where to bring the donated items and the date they are due.

We are asking everyone to sign-up ONLINE for an item. It is first come first serve. We cannot guarantee that you will get your first choice item. 

Information for drop-off dates and shipping dates

Drop Offs: November 13-17, FBC Asheboro, 133 N Church St, Asheboro, NC 27203

Shipping Dates: November 6th-17th, 

Packing Slip

We are asking all participants to please use this packing slip. Please insert this packing slip on the outside of your shipping box as well as inside the shipping box. Thank you.

Need help?

Have a question about the Ministers' Wives ministry or want to get connected with other ministers' wives in your area?Contact:


Packing Slip.png

Packing Instructions

Use Cardboard boxes ONLY for packing items

Send only new items with the price/sticker removed

No bags of ANY kind

No Rubbermaid Containers      

Do not send glass or metal containers, wrapped gifts, or attach scripture verses to items

Specifications of Items needed 
(Please sign up on the online form to donate item)


2 to 3.5 ounce/plastic bottles


10 to 15 ounce/plastic bottles/NO CONDITIONER because Prison will not accept shampoo combined with conditioner!


8 to 11 ounce/plastic bottle/NO PUMPS


6 to 9 ounces/leave in original box/ multipacks are acceptable this year


Adult size toothbrush/leave in original wrapper

Bar of Soap:

4 to 5 ounce /leave in original box

Chewing Gum:


White Crew Socks:

WHITE only/Please remove the plastic tags, paper, etc. and fold together as a pair


Original size


One size fits all/Please remove the tags, paper, etc. and then fold together as a pair

Hard Candy:

This year we are asking for participants to ONLY buy specific bags of candy from Dollar Tree or make your own bags to the exact specifics below.  Each homemade bag must have the same items and numbers of each candy as the store bought bags.

Make Your Own Hostess Candy Mix in Quart-Sized Ziplocs

Must Follow These Specifics: 16 mixed green and red peppermint Candies, 16 Mixed green, orange, red, yellow, and purple hard candies, 8 Cinnamon candies, 2 butterscotch candies.  There should be 42 candies total.

Below is the link for purchasing bags of candy. Remember that you can have Dollar Tree ship directly to First Baptist Asheboro or they will ship to your local store for free pickup.

Christmas Tracts:

We need 80 PACKS of Christmas tracts. Each PACK contains 25 tracts. Please sign up FIRST on the online form to donate Christmas tracks. Then, click the button below to order this specific tract.

Please send the order to: 205 Convention Drive, Cary, NC 27511 by November 1st, 2023. 

Books for Prison:

One of the top requests we receive from prisoners is to have more Christian resources. We will like to donate Christian books to prison libraries this year. Please sign up FIRST on the online form to donate books then go to Amazon to order books.

Please send these books to WMU NC PO Box 4249 Cary, NC 27519-4249

Donate Money:

IF you want to donate money to the Red Box ministry, please send checks to:  

WMU NC PO Box 4249 Cary, NC 27519-4249

OR donate online (please specify donation is for Red Box) below: 

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