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Our Leadership Luncheons aim to encourage, inspire, and renew leaders. Each month we host a time for leaders to fellowship and network with one another, as well as provide an opportunity for them to grow in their leadership skills. Luncheons are hosted virtually every month (February-November) via Zoom for free. We hope you can join us as we seek to grow and develop as leaders!

*If you cannot make the luncheon live, you can register to receive the recording to watch at a later time.

Date: Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Time: 11:00 AM (EST) via Zoom

Topic: How to READY, How to SET, and Tips to GO

Myriah Snyder is a writer/editor for the International Mission Board and a lifelong lover of church ministry. In this workshop, she will share some practical survival skills she’s learned while navigating ministry, both in her job and in her local church. Myriah will expound on things she’s found to fill her cup so she isn’t trying to pour from an empty one. She will share the science behind lists, and practical tools she’s found to equip her as she studies the Bible on her own, disciples teen girls, pretends to know how to design church graphics (because people just assume she can), and share how the IMB offers little-known resources to connect your church to missions. 


Contact Amanda Martinsen

919-882-2344 ext. 208

 Guest Speaker: 

Myriah Snyder


Writer and Editor for the International Mission Board  (IMB)

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