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Request a Speaker

Need a guest speaker for Focus Week, a retreat, meeting, event or small group gathering? The WMU NC staff and Speaker Team are available!

WMU NC Staff

WMU NC staff members are available upon request for your Sunday or Wednesday church services, ministry retreats, small group meetings and leadership events.


Amy Boone, WMU NC Executive Director & Treasurer

I am passionate about missions, prayer and equipping women, youth and children to have a growing personal relationship with the Lord Jesus.  Amy and her husband Mike served as missionaries in Mozambique and South Africa for 14 years with the IMB. She has two children, Timothy and Grace and is a certified music and ESL Teacher. Amy's areas of expertise include international missions, prayer, Focus Week, missions involvement, parenting and Bible studies. Contact Amy at

Julie Keith, WMU NC Student, Collegiate &

Young Woman's Consultant

I am passionate about the work God allows me to do through WMU NC and the amazing missions and ministries that WMU NC provides for churches and individuals. Julie enjoys reading and researching about generations and how to engage and encourage them to be all God wants them to be. Contact Julie at

Sara Lamkin, WMU NC Preschool & Children Consultant

Sara Lamkin is currently the Preschool and Children Consultant for Woman's Missionary Union of North Carolina and the point person for Project HELP.  She has a BA in Spanish from Bridgewater College and a Masters of Divinity from The Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond.  She is married to Stuart, who is pastor at First Baptist Weaverville, and has two growing boys, Sean and Silas. Contact Sara at

Amanda Martinsen, WMU NC Leadership Development Consultant &

Resource Coordinator

Amanda is a native of Sanford, NC and serves as the Leadership Development Consultant and Resource Coordinator for WMU NC. She is a former social worker turned ministry consultant, with a love for missions and equipping leaders for Kingdom service. Amanda's areas of experience center around WMU FOCUS week, working with youth, leadership development, women’s retreats, prayer retreats, missions involvement, church-wide and associational leadership, and leading small groups. She and her husband Brian have two little girls, Brooke and Georgia, who make life a little extra adventurous and a whole lot of fun. Contact Amanda at

Jenn B, WMU NC Communications Coordinator & Editor, Tarheel Talk

"My heart is to know God and make Him known. I would love to have a bio that reads of all my travels to remote parts of the world ministering in the name of Jesus, but that’s not the story God has given me to least not yet. God has burdened my heart to encourage others wherever they live, whatever season of life they are in, and with whatever resources available, to be open to how God desires to use them."Jenn is married to her camp sweetheart and mother to 4. When she isn’t homeschooling, teaching at co-op, putting in a new load of laundry, or working on WMU NC’s publication, Tarheel Talk, she can be found in the kitchen trying a new recipe.

Contact Jenn at

WMU NC Speaker Team

The WMU NC Speaker Team members are available upon request for your Sunday or Wednesday church services, ministry retreats, small group meetings and leadership events. Find your region, click the heart and email the speaker of your choice. Speakers that have a car next to their name, are willing to travel to other regions in North Carolina. 




Ruby Fulbright, Former Executive Director and WMU NC President

I believe in our purpose and future. Missions education through WMU, in particular, is crucial to missions being a life-style. I enjoy telling my story in hopes of inspiring others. Ruby's areas of expertise include Focus Week, women's retreats, spiritual growth, international missions and BWNA, Baptist Women of North America. She served in Zambia, Africa as a career missionary for 12 years and has been on numerous mission trips to various places. Her passion is reaching the next generation of women leaders for missions. Contact Ruby at

Phyllis Foy, Former WMU NC President

I have a passion for WMU and am blessed by how it has affected my life. Phyllis' areas of expertise are women's retreats, spiritual growth and church renewal. Phyllis and her husband Bob, served as Mission Service Corps (MSC) Missionaries for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina for 17 years and then for North American Mission Board 10 years. She has led retreats in Germany and Africa. Phyllis has also led women's meetings in Hungary and in many states in the USA. Contact Phyllis at

Barbara Hill, Vice President of Development,

WMU NC Executive Board

I love sharing with other women and teaching different ways to study God's Word. Equipping women to share God's Word in a real world is my calling. Barbara's areas of expertise are Focus Week, Bible journaling, women's retreats, home missions and international missions. She is a pastor's wife and middle school teacher. Barbara serves in the music ministry at her church and leads a women's Bible study. She has also led mission trips to Armenia. Contact Barbara at

Duronda Hood, WMU Director for Truett Baptist Association

I enjoy seeing others get excited about missions! I also get excited when I have the opportunity to tell a young child about Jesus. Every moment with a child is a teachable moment. Everyone needs encouragement during their journey. Duronda is a Missions Friends leader and the Women's Ministry Director at her church. She regularly travels to South Africa and ministers to the Besotho people group. Contact Duronda at

Angie Reid, WMU NC Executive Board Member

My calling is to encourage and equip women to serve Jesus and experience the wonder of being His daughter. Angie's areas of expertise include: Discovering your Calling, Event Planning Essentials, Soul Care and How to Prevent Burn Out, Reaching UPG’s-Unreached People Groups, women's  leadership, sharing tea and sharing life with my Afghan friends. She is the Women’s Ministry Director at her church, serves in Missions and is a worship leader. She enjoys international travel.  Contact Angie at



Dorothy Barham, Former WMU NC Executive Board Member

God has given me numerous opportunities to be involved in missions locally, throughout North Carolina, nationally and internationally. He has given me a passion for praying for missions and missionaries. Dorothy's areas of expertise are mission trips, prayer, women's retreats and Focus Week. She is currently on the WMU NC Missions Team. She has been on a total of 45 mission trips. Some of the places she has traveled internationally include the Ukraine, South Africa, Honduras, Canada, Myanmar, Lebanon, China, and Armenia. She has also been on twenty-three mission trips within the United States. Contact Dorothy at

Irma Duke, Former WMU NC Executive Director

I love to share about missions. I am so thankful so many people shared with me. Irma's areas of expertise are mission trips, women's retreats, Focus Week, churchwide missions involvement, working with children and youth, Project HELP refugees and missions encouragement. Irma has ministered through the American Mission Board, and the International Mission Board. She and her husband founded a missions church. Contact Irma at

Clara Huff, Retired IMB Missionary

As a teenager I felt God calling me to be a missionary to a Spanish-speaking country. I have loved Spanish and the Spanish-speaking people ever since. I love excitement and like to have fun, and the most fun I have is sharing Jesus everywhere I go. Clara lives in Salisbury where she teaches an adult  Sunday School class and leads a Women on Mission group. As an interpreter at the Good Shepherd Medical Clinic for Spanish-speaking patients, she tells them of the great healer of all diseases, Jesus Christ. After 32 years in Chile as a missionary with the International Mission Board, she married a Baptist pastor and they continued doing missions together until his death in 2002. For several years she was a writer for the Spanish missions magazine and Missions Mosaic. Contact Clara at

Lisa Jacobs, Certified Christian Life Coach & Vision Strategist

I want to advance the kingdom of God, share the message of hope and encourage women to get involved in missions. My areas of expertise include Bible study, women's retreats, conferences, refugees, empowerment, evangelism and home missions. Lisa is a woman's ministry leader and the Volunteer Coordinator for WMU NC's Sisters Who Care. Her ministry experience includes serving as a woman's ministry coordinator, Bible study teacher, education ministry leader and marriage ministry leader at her church. Contact Lisa at

Dee Dee Moody, WMU NC President

Challenging, preparing, and equipping Christian believers to be radically involved in the fulfillment of the Great Commission is my passion.  I am thankful to God for avenues for sharing God's mission with lost and hurting people.  Dee Dee's areas of expertise are Focus Weeks, women's retreats, leadership conferences, mission studies, and Bible studies.  A retired English teacher, Dee Dee is an avid reader of stories about missionaries and women in WMU history.  She serves as her church's WMU Director, has taught at all WMU age-levels, and has served on home and international mission trips.  Serving as a vice president of national WMU has afforded many opportunities for learning more and more about God's hand at work in the world.   Contact Dee Dee at  

Joyce Rogers, WMU NC Executive Board Member

I have been a pastor's wife, now retired, for over 40 years. I have a heart for missions perhaps because I am a product of Home Missions in Baltimore, MD. I love the Lord and I love people! Joyce's areas of expertise are mission trips and women's retreats. She is a teacher by profession and has been a part of numerous national and international missions trips, a key leader with the WMU NC Prison Ministry and served at the North Carolina Girls in Action Missions Camp. Joyce is active in ministry at her home church. Contact Joyce at

Delores Thomas, WMU NC Executive Board Member and Former

WMU NC President

I love meeting people and sharing my love for missions with them. I especially love to share experiences of mission trips and the challenge of working with children and youth in these times which we live. Delores' areas of expertise include home and foreign mission trips, Focus Week, spiritual growth and working with youth and refugees. She has led numerous national and international missions trips and organized a WMU in her church. The various leadership positions she has held include Acteens leader, Youth on Mission leader, GA leader, Mission Friends leader, Acteens Director and WMU Director. Contact Delores at

Veronica Weathers, Prison Retreat Volunteer &

Missions Involvement

I want to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with as many as I can. I want salvation and growth to as many as I speak to. Veronica's areas of expertise are evangelism, home missions and women's retreats. She and her husband have been pastors of a church and they enjoy doing street ministry together. She currently leads a women's ministry and a teen and children's ministry. Her past ministry experience includes facilitating Bible studies for pregnant teens and the elderly in nursing homes, prison retreat volunteer and missions involvement. She has also ministered to women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Contact Veronica at

Leah Wood, Associational WMU Director

God has placed a call on my life to lead and encourage women in every season of life to authentically follow hard after Jesus. Leah's areas of expertise are leadership burnout and military wives. She is a military wife and a mother of three. She lives in the Sandhills of North Carolina and is the WMU Director at her church. She has led numerous local and international mission projects and facilitated Bible studies for women in her local church.  Leah's heart is for missions and mentoring military wives and young collegiate women. A farm girl at heart, she enjoys being in God's creation with her family and loves cheering on her kiddos at the baseball field. Contact Leah at



Mary Ellen Bowman, Former WMU NC Executive Board Member

I must speak of Jesus or burst! I know God has called me to empower and equip others into a God- saving life. WMU is a huge part of my passion. Mary Ellen's areas of expertise include home missions, international missions, mission studies, women's retreats, spiritual growth, Project HELP and ministering to refugees. She has been a National WMU Trainer for Christian Men and Women's Job Corps and globally for BWA. She is also a writer. Contact Mary Ellen at

Beverly Butler, WMU NC Executive Board

Missions is my passion. I like to share that enthusiasm with others encouraging them to get involved. I consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to serve the Lord through this avenue whether it is teaching, educating or hands-on. Beverly's areas of expertise include event speaking, prayer retreats, Focus Week and adult groups. She is the WMU Director at her church and an Associational Mission Involvement leader. She resides in Oak City and she incorporates missions events with her town's events whenever possible. Contact Beverly at

Caroline Jones, Retired IMB Missionary, Former WMU NC President & Former National WMU Staff Member

Caroline Jones has been a featured speaker from Alaska to the Strait of Magellan and paints word pictures that have her audience laughing one minute and crying the next. Her passion for the cause of Christ and helping others find their place serving Him is contagious whether she is writing, speaking at women’s events of all kinds or delivering a Sunday morning message. Caroline and husband Archie, retired IMB missionaries, live in Erwin, NC. They enjoy being near their 4 children, 9 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Contact Caroline at

Symphony Rose, A True Southern Lady

Symphony Rose is a character created by Caroline Jones.  A true Southern lady, she’s never seen without her hat and gloves and, of course, her multiple strands of “cultured pearls”.  She’s been observing people for more than six decades and loves to share tips she’s learned along the way. Symphony Rose can do theme interpretation, WMU Focus Sundays, retreats and other events and can bring a smile to anyone’s face! She loves Jesus and missions and when she gets serious, she grounds her musings in God’s Word. To request Symphony Rose for your event email Contact Caroline Jones at

Paula Matthis, WMU Director, Speaker & Missions Involvement

I grew up in a pastor's home. Some of my fondest memories and learning moments occurred when we had a WMU speaker emphasis or missionary at our church. Because of these experiences missions has always been a priority in my life. Paula's areas of expertise include mission trips, working with children and youth, women's retreats and special events speaking. Upon request, Paula can do a reenactment of Lottie Moon complete with costume,  life story, and power point with "Old China" pictures. She has been on mission trips nationally and internationally. She has worked with children all her adult life and has entertained them with puppets and story telling. Her professional experience includes administration and working as an elementary school teacher. Her ministry experience includes WMU Director and adult Sunday School teacher. Contact Paula at

Deborah Taylor, WMU NC Vice President

I have been blessed and trained by WMU NC and would like for others to know of our mission and opportunities. I truly believe in missions education and have witnessed the effect of mentoring and training young people. Deborah's areas of expertise include mission trips, working with children and youth, Focus Week, prayer and spiritual growth. She is a retired educator, chairs the CWJC board and serves on the WMU NC missions committee. She had participated in and led missions trips and believes everyone can make a difference on missions in their own location daily. Contact Deborah at

Jeanette Walters, Former WMU NC Executive Board Member

& Former WMU NC Staff Member

I enjoy sharing what God is doing in and through WMU, through mission trips I have participated in and  through life experiences. Jeanette's areas of expertise are home and international mission trips, women's retreats and Focus Week. She is a former North American Mission Board missionary and retired ESL teacher. She has served in her church as a WMU Director and Acteens leader. She has led and participated in international trips and enjoys working with children and teaching adults of every culture. Contact Jeanette at