Women's Mission Conference

Snyder Memorial Baptist, Fayetteville NC
APRIL 22-23, 2022

Livestreaming options available at:
Truett Conference Center and Camp in Hayesville, NC
or from the comfort of your home!

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Description of Conference Sessions

Mentoring Under a Microscope
Session led by Gina Smith

Mentoring isn't scary or boring. It's an adventure. Having the opportunity to invest in someone else's life is a privilege few get. Like all investors, we all have different amounts to invest and our interests are varied. This session will look at mentoring from both the mentor's and mentee's points of view.  It will offer practical strategies and helpful examples.

Breathe, God's Got This!
Session led by Meredith Wilson

This session will focus on the importance of taking care of your mental health and how we can rely on God to provide comfort in the midst of mental struggles. We will be practicing relaxation techniques that incorporate visual imagery and scripture in hopes to build perspective and grow our faith.

An Invitation to Belong
Session led by Krista Pierce

We were created on purpose to be the image of God and to bear his likeness to the world. We were also created to be in relationship with God and with each other. In order for us to really love other people well, we must get to know them. But how do we do this? The invitation is yours to make. Come learn how to create spaces in your community and church that helps others feel like they belong and are already loved.

Don’t Be Boring: Making Your Meetings Come to Life
Session led by Beca Lindhout

So many missions groups are in a weird place in their programming. Some are trying to start new groups, some are meeting online but are “zoomed out,” and some are meeting in person but need new ideas. Join Beca as she walks you through some “outside the box” ideas and resources to give your meetings a little pep in their step!

Simplify Your Message. Engage Your Community.
Session led by Allison & Seth Markwood

Getting the word out about your amazing church programs and events shouldn’t be a challenge. Sadly though, information overload makes it difficult to hear the heart and purpose behind your announcements. In this breakout, you’ll learn the basics of StoryBrand marketing and how it can help you simplify your message to engage your community.

How to Pray for and Care Well for Your Overseas Missionaries
Session led by Alicia Olmstead

Sometimes our prayers for missionaries seem like they are on repeat, “Lord keep them safe, help them share the gospel.”  Does your church have a special missionary couple/family who they regularly pray and intercede for? When they come back for their stateside assignment, how can you care for them well and encourage them? This session will give you tips and ideas to pray more specifically for your missionaries and how to care for them at home or abroad.  If your church doesn’t have a missionary they are connected with, come and get connected to one!

The Church On Mission: Discovering the 5 Tasks of a Missional Church
Session led by Caleb and Sarah Waller

The Bible tells the grand story of God redeeming people from every corner of the globe that they might glorify His name for eternity. This is God’s mission, and He established the church to accomplish it. But are we? Former IMB missionaries will share how their practices on the mission field can be easily implemented here in our churches.

Making Kingdom Connections with Writing
Session led by Leigh Ann Thomas 

Be a part of this hands-on workshop and learn the basics of writing simple devotions for missions and ministry. Through Bible study, prayer, nature, books, sermons, songs, and the ordinary moments of life, God surrounds us with evidence of His love and faithfulness. We will brainstorm creative ways to connect these heart whispers to reaching others for Christ.

Welcome Refugees
Session led by Susie Reeder

The Welcome House Fayetteville is an impactful hospitality ministry that works with refugee families upon arriving to the U.S. In this conference, you will hear how Snyder Memorial Baptist Church felt led to get involved in this ministry, and how they formed relationships with families at the Welcome House. Your church can get involved too. Come find out how!

Boldly Share the Gospel
Session led by Malinda Fillingim

“For I am not ashamed of the Gospel...” What barriers prevent us from proclaiming the Gospel as we go?  We are often great at passively sharing the Gospel, but facing someone and verbally sharing our faith seems overwhelming for some of us. Come take part in this discussion about actively sharing your faith with others. 

What Do You Need to Be a Good Servant?
Session led by Darbelia Saucedo

Being a servant who really pleases God requires more than just doing what we are commanded. In the Bible we find the key to being a good servant, and bringing our service to glorify God. In this workshop, we will see what we need and how we can apply it to our service and daily life.

What Teens Wish You Knew
Session led by Acteens Panelists

Have you ever wondered how teens really feel about church or what they want to know about their faith? Have you wondered if there are things churches can do to better minister to them? If so, come hear from our NC Acteens Panelists as they share things teens wish you knew. 

24 1/2  Project Ideas to Develop a Missions Heart in Children & Teens
Session led by Carmen Hadinger

Have you ever wanted to involve children in missions but didn't know where to begin? Would you like fresh project ideas to implement throughout the year? Come see how a computer, an old t-shirt, and a nail can all spark a heart for local and foreign missions.

Military Chaplaincy: An Extension of the Local Church to Further the Reach of the Gospel 
Session led by Captain Eric Avery

A strong local church means Chaplains and Church Planters in Military towns can reach deeper into the darkness with the good news of Jesus Christ. Chaplaincy can be an extension of the local church and can be significant in serving our military. Join NAMB missionary Captain Eric Avery, as he shares ways churches can be involved in supporting military missions. 

Hope-Waiting on God's timetable: The Lives of Abram and Hadassah
Session led by Dr. Mike Boone

For Abram, hope came through understanding that God was ‘the all sufficient one’ and ‘he would provide.’ For Hadassah, nothing happens by chance – providence of God; God places us where he can best use us; as we allow God to use us, we are a conduit of hope.

Don’t Underestimate the Differences a Short-Term Mission Trip Can Make
Session led by Karen McCracken

What started out as volunteering to paint faces at a local festival led this missions leader on mission trips to eight countries and trained her for jail ministry. God used those opportunities to ready her heart to serve in Him in a different way. Come hear her story and learn how God might want to use you. 

It’s Not Rocket Science
Session led by Caroline Jones

Sometimes we try to make missions too complicated. Join former IMB missionary Caroline Jones for a look at how God orchestrates opportunities for us to be on mission.  Whether it’s 6,000 miles away in south Chile or across town. He’s on duty…are you?

Helping Children Succeed: Be a Trauma Informed Church
Session led by Regina Keener and Kay Burriss

Trauma, unfortunately, is commonplace in the lives of many children.  In this session we will talk about how to help children who have had traumatic experiences succeed in the church community, activities, and programs. Providing support through relationships is essential in serving children and their families. Learn how church staff and volunteers can provide loving support, and how best to assess a crisis, avoid power struggles, and give Emotional First Aid.

Set Your Affections on Things Above
Session led by Veronica Weathers

We are to comfort one another. But how do we best do this in the world we live in today and during turbulent times? Join Veronica Weathers as she teaches us how to set our hearts and minds on things above, and how to encourage one another during difficult times. 

Be God’s Instrument of Hope:  CWJC
Session led by Carol Polk 

Christian Women’s/Men’s Job Corps provides a Christian context in which persons in need are equipped for life and employment; and a missions context in which women help women and men help men. See if God inspires you to start or get involved with a local CWJC ministry, collaborating with your church, association, other organizations, and community to empower women to change their lives according to God’s plan.

Every Child Initiative
Session led by Mark Smith

In North Carolina there are over 17,000 children who have been taken out of their homes and placed in foster care. Every Child is a collaborative effort of Baptist Children’s Homes of NC and the Baptist State Convention of NC to address this crisis and show the world that “the church is the answer.” Join Dr. Mark Smith, with Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH), as he shines a light on this great opportunity for the churches in our state to meet this critical need. Learn how your church can partner with BCH and help families live out the gospel in the lives of these vulnerable children.

Finding Rest in a Restless World
Session led by Amanda Martinsen

The cultural message around us tells us to stay busy, always to be working, and you can do it all and be it all. But in doing so, we’re often left feeling weary, depleted, and burned out. Deep down, we know there has got to be a better way to live. We know we need rest, but we’re not always sure how to make time for it or what rest even looks like for us. Together, we’ll dive into the importance of rest, what scripture says about it, and how to practically make time for it.

How You Can Help Stop Human Trafficking
Session led by Melinda Sampson

What is human trafficking and why is it so prevalent in NC? Join us to learn the answers, and to find out how to identify red flags and warning signs in a potential victim. You will also learn how to report human trafficking safely. Plus, find out ways you can become involved in the anti-human trafficking movement, ranging from day-to-day advocacy to long-term advocacy opportunities.