APRIL 24TH  9:00AM-3:30PM

$20 per person


Description of Conference Sessions

Are You Weary? 
Session led by Jenn B

Do you look around your home and all your eyes see are: the dishes piled high in the sink, “Mount Laundry” erected on your couch, and the same toy you have asked three times to return to its appropriate “home?” Well friend, you are not alone.  Jesus’s words in Matthew 11:28 speak to my weary self, “Come to me all who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest.” Let’s hit the reset button and open our eyes to see the calling God has placed before us as parents raising up Generation Z & Generation Alpha.

Book It!
Session led by Gina Smith

Book Clubs may sound passé but they really are the new pavement on the old road.  With Zoom, WebEX and other digital platforms, book clubs have gone wild.  Now your club can include people from all over the world.  The last year has taught us the value of small groups and active discussion.  Book clubs are great places to share thoughts, challenge each other, and take a look at differing ideas.  Why not use Book Club to promote WMU books, missions books and faith texts.  This class will give you ideas of how to structure a book club, who to invite to participate, how to select a text and how to manage discussion.

When “Do Not Worry” Isn’t Enough
Session led by Rev. Tiffany Seaford

So often in our scriptures we hear the words, “do not worry.”  Yet, do you ever feel like some days that’s just not enough? Caring for our mental health is an integral part of our spiritual, emotional, and psychical well-being. In this session, we will discuss the strengths of our faith and the hazards of spiritual bypassing, consider coping strategies in the age of a pandemic, and the signs to watch for when more help is needed. 

Acts 1:8 Ministry Opportunities: Jersulaem, Judea, Samaria, and Beyond. 
Session led by Yvonne Deatherage

Jesus asks us to go and share the Gospel to the ends of the earth. This begins with each one of us, starting in our own homes and neighborhoods. What does this look like for you? Is He calling you to pray, give, go, send, or welcome others? Together we will share practical ideas for ministry in your community and for your mission groups.

Lights, Camera, Action…Places!
Session led by Elaine Wise and Pam Drews

Calling all Mission Friends, Children in Action, and children’s ministry leaders: 2020 was a rollercoaster ride! We’ve all had to change and adapt to new ways to do ministry. Hear how one group started out 2020 with a Wednesday night routine schedule and ended up finding an alternate way to teach their children and minister to them in a unique way. It has been an unusual year with blessings and challenges, let’s share ideas and encourage one another.

Following Jesus in a Digital World
Session led by Allison Markwood

2020 changed everything. We are all more reliant on technology than ever before: alone in our homes, yet instantly available at all times; one click away from Christian content, yet overwhelmed with secular messages and advertising. How can we tend to, and help others develop, a deep, nurturing relationship with Jesus in a world of so many distractions? Come learn what discipleship looks like in our constantly connected, ironically isolated, screen-filled world.

Seeing Our Schools as a Mission Field
Session led by Barbara Hill

Schools are one of the most influential places for children and it’s a fast-growing mission field in itself. This conference will give you ideas about how your child's school can be a mission field for you and your church. Let’s partner together in seeing our schools as a mission opportunity.

Keys to Effective Missions Service  
Session led by Sam James     

Former missionary and author, Sam James, will share keys to being an effective missionary wherever you are and in whatever you are doing. This session will be particularly helpful for anyone considering missionary service or wanting to be more involved in missions service. Don’t miss the chance to learn from the longest serving IMB missionary!

Racism? A Thing of the Past?: An Introduction to Understanding Racism, How the Church Has Been Complicit in it, and What the Lord Requires of Us
Session led by Leslie Sessoms

An overview of the history of racism in America, the Churches response to it, and suggestions on how to become involved in promoting justice in your community. 

Youth Missions: A Holistic Approach
Session led by Dane Martin

Missions can be seen as one small piece of youth ministry, or it can be seen as something that is woven into the life and culture of youth ministry. Dane suggests in this seminar that successful youth missions is more than an event, it’s about allowing a missional lifestyle to be intertwined into the fabric of youth ministry.

Psalms: Songs for Every Season
Session led by Dr. Mike Boone

This will be an overview of the different types of Psalms and how they can encourage during the many different seasons of life.

Mary, Mary, Stuck and Weary. How Does Your Garden Grow?
Session led by Kim Bounds

We will discuss how your missions group can grow and thrive in the place where you’ve been planted.  Everyone’s pots and soils are different, but you can be the hands and feet of Christ in any community, no matter your size or resources.

Where, When, and with Huu
Session led by Meghan Gagliano

Hear one missionary share the story of how God called her to the mission field and how his promises sustained her. You will hear about her time on the mission field and how God used a girl Huu (pronounced ‘who’) to answer so many prayers.

Failure and Fortitude at -0
Session led by Chris and Becca Autry

Lots of people think of missions as constant, dramatic salvation experiences. But the reality of missions is the constant nurturing of the gospel seed that takes perseverance before you see the small buds of the Holy Spirit's work in the most surprising ways. Our session will illustrate how God is moving in Vermont and more than likely your community as well.

Being a Neighbor to Refugees
Session led by Carolyn McClendon and Hannah Turner

The Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill and surrounding areas have been landing places for many refugees and immigrants in North Carolina. These individuals and families face numerous challenges and needs. Join us as we discuss ministry with refugees and immigrants through the Welcome House – Raleigh. You and your church can actively show the love of Christ. Join us and find out how.

The Power of Your Story
Session led by Emmanuel Taifeh

Our testimonies are powerful and our stories have the potential to point others to Jesus. Hear how a Muslim-background believer came to know Christ and how his story and journey has impacted those around him.