Monthly Missions Shake-up

Our Adult Consultant, Rebecca Lindhout will be putting out a video each month with a lesson from that month’s Missions Mosaic. It maybe about the prayer lesson, Bible study lesson, the missions lesson, or just some new ideas on how to make your meetings exciting! 

You can use it for your monthly Women on Mission meeting by Zoom, or you can play it on the TV in-person! In addition to the video, you will receive all the resource and handouts you will need for the lesson.

It is great for Women on Mission, or other mission groups in your church.

Please pass the word to other churches. We want this to be a great resource for them.

Teacher Appreciation

Missions Shakeup May Resources

Missionary Addresses

Missions Shakeup May Resources

Mother's Day

Missions Shakeup May Resources


Missions Shakeup April Video

Prayer Walk

Prayer walk for Ghana. 

Shopping List

Missions bag, garland, and MT11:28 Project shopping list!


Download bookmark with Nannie Burroughs quote.

Cake Recipe

Recipe for the Jim Bob cake. 


Learn how to make Potstickers!

Higher Hope Haiti

Missions Shakeup May Resources

Campus Ministry

Missions Shakeup May Resources


Missions Shakeup May

Traditional African Religions

Learn about religions in Africa!

Easter Garland Inserts

As we read these missionaries’ stories and pray for them this week, may we grasp how we’re a part of the effort as the mission moves forward. 


Pray for the Bai family.

Prayer Reminder

Prayer reminders for Margot Gladding.

Taste Test

Rate your international tastebuds. 

Need help?

Rebecca Lindhout

Adult Ministries Consultant