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Monthly Missions Shake-up

Our Adult Consultant, Rebecca Lindhout will be putting out a video each month with a lesson from that month’s Missions Mosaic. It maybe about the prayer lesson, Bible study lesson, the missions lesson, or just some new ideas on how to make your meetings exciting! 

You can use it for your monthly Women on Mission meeting by Zoom, or you can play it on the TV in-person! In addition to the video, you will receive all the resource and handouts you will need for the lesson.

It is great for Women on Mission, or other mission groups in your church.

Please pass the word to other churches. We want this to be a great resource for them.

Need help?

Rebecca Lindhout

Adult Ministries Consultant


Lottie Moon Week of Prayer Interactive Stations


Lakota Native American Dancing

Image by Zeke Tucker

Shakeup Recipes March

Beige Brown and Yellow Rustic Handcrafted Native American Indigenous Pride Flyer.png

Shakeup Video February


Missions Conference and Annual Meeting Flyer


Steel City Church Planters Launch Team Testimony

Lavender Blue Elegant Round Boutique Logo.png

Personal Response Worksheet

Image by Ronal Labrador

IMB Send Relief in Venezuela Video

Image by Kevin Keith

Refugee Loss: Longer Simulation

Image by Levi Meir Clancy

10 things you didn't know about Tennessee

Image by Maddie Burke

Missions Shake Up May


Finding Peace in in the Midst of Chaos

Light and Shadow Portrait

Guide for Interactive Evening of Prayer for North American Missions


March Missions Shakeup Recipe: Puerto Rican Rice and Beans


March Missions Shakeup Recipe: Chicken Noodle Casserole


February Missions Shakeup Video: Macedonia

Image by Milana Jovanov

January Missions Shakeup:More Than Potatoes in Idaho

Image by Perry Kibler

Ichlekli  Recipe and Story from Turmenistan


Abby's Challenge


Hawaiian Meatball Recipe


Shake Up Video

Stellenbosch Cape Town South Africa

August Mission Project: The Persecuted Church Prayer Guide


August Shake Up Video

Sign Language Course

Cincinatti Chili Recipe


Bicycles and Popsicles Outreach Flyer

Colorful Popsicles

Candied Almonds

Candied almonds (1).png

Teacher Appreciation

Image by Element5 Digital

Missionary Addresses

Image by erica steeves

Prayer Walk

Image by Amevi Wisdom

Shopping List

Window Shopping


Image by Erol Ahmed

Cake Recipe

Image by Henry Be


Image by Yuxiang Zhang

Monthly Shake Up- November

Screenshot (129).png

Mom Kit Ideas

Newborn Baby

Shakeup Video March

Image by Andrew James

Heck Jones Offering Resources

living hope.png

Get Your Pittsbugh Clark Bars here (at Big Lots ya'll, for real!)


Shake Up Video for August

Image by Joshua Peacock

Missions Shake Up June Video


Refugee Myths and Facts and the Church's Response

Image by Siddhant Soni

Forced to Flee:Simple Simulations


Missions Shake Up May Resources

Image by Tara Evans

Hope for Anxious Women in Anxious Times


April Monthly Missions Shakeup

Image by Gábor Juhász

Guide for Interactive Evening of Prayer for North American Missions


March Missions Shakeup Recipe: Baked Denver Omlette


March Missions Shake Up Video


February Missions Shakeup Recipe: Avjar


December Missions Shakeup


November Missions Shakeup

Image by Jordan McQueen

Dolewhip Recipe

Yellow Hawaiian Theme Party Blog Graphic.png

Nelson Mandela quote

nelson mandela.png

Shake Up Video

Image by Conor Samuel

September Recipe
Canadian Poutine

Image by @withlovefromchile

My Mission NC 
Mission Project Flyer

surprised baby

August Shake Up
ASL Alphabet


Tastes of Central Asia available near you

Garlic Naan

Higher Hope Haiti

Image by Zach Vessels

Traditional African Religions

Image by Ian Macharia

Easter Garland Inserts



Prayers for the Bai's (1).png

Prayer Reminder

Image by Marten Bjork

Taste Test

International Taste Experience (1).png
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