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Other Advent Ideas for Kids: 

  1. Advent Bag-Prepare an Advent bag for the children in your church or family! You can include anything you like but some suggestions are a devotional, nativity craft, letter from you, and an Advent calendar! *Make it missions focused by making an extra bag for kids to give to a friend who does not go to church or to kids involved in some church ministries who do not attend on Sundays.

  2. Make an Advent wreath at home. Get creative and have kids make their own wreath this year. You can use construction paper, magnets, pine needles, garland…whatever you would like. If you have very little ones, make the candles from paper rather than using real ones and have them glue paper flames when they are “lit” throughout the season. *Make it missional by doing a different project each week. “We show love for others by….” “We show peace by….,” etc. This can be delivering cookies, taking food to a food bank, donating money, whatever your children decide.

  3. Go caroling to the homebound or a nursing home. Please follow safety guidelines for caroling this year . You can keep in your family groups and safely distance while you surround a home with your song. Keep a family at different windows and all four walls to have “surround sound” caroling for those you are blessing.

  4. Make your own Advent calendar. This can be done on paper or using popsicle sticks. Just write an activity, person to pray for, missionary to read about, etc. in each square or on each stick. With the sticks, you just pick one every day until Christmas!

  5. Create a missionary care package. Missionaries would love to receive notes and packages that lets them know they are prayed for. If you do not have a relationship with a missionary, please contact our office so that we can do our best to connect you with someone.

  6. Cookie exchange. Kids can bake the cookies with their families and put them in baggies. If families feel safe, then create boxes filled with the different cookies at church to take home. *Make it missional by making extra boxes of cookies to take to the homebound, first responders, local hospital, schools, etc.

  7. Food pantry collection. Put a different non-perishable food item in a box every day during Advent. Then right before Christmas, deliver it to a local food pantry.

  8. Create a prayer chain. On pieces of construction paper, have children write a Scripture verse or prayer each day. Then on Christmas Eve put the prayer chain around the Christmas tree. To help the children with the prayer, you could ask them things like, “What would you like to tell God about today?” “What made you happy?” “What made you sad?” “What would you like to thank God for?” “Who would you like to pray for?”

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